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About Us

When Miss Print Paper got its start in 2008, our main focus was custom wedding invitations and personalized stationery, but there were too many ideas to stop there!  While we still offer custom pieces, we've created a strong line of ready-made cards that can be shared with everyone. After all, what is the fun of stationery if you can’t share it?  Pure and simple, we love what we do. This philosophy allows us to produce the things that you love!  Our designs are aesthetically clean and we like to keep the messages pretty general. The insides of our cards are blank so they can all be sent to multiple recipients for multiple reasons. We want you to choose who you’ll send them to and why.  Really... who doesn’t know someone who would be the perfect person to receive our “you could not be cooler” card?!  Thank you for taking the time to visit.  We hope you love what you see. Enjoy!

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